Innovation Project

Swim! Swim! Swim!

From lap to lap,

fighting against the struggles and tension.

Penetrating the surface, pulling the water, pushing up to the air,

To free your body.

Water rushes past your hands,

like a resisting force that helps you move forward.

Becoming one with water,

you have conquered and won.

The pool is like home,

like fish to the sea and bird to the air.

Racing across the pool,

We place all of our effort into being the best and the fastest.

Looking down at the black infinite line,

Swimming up toward the wall.

The wall, our utmost goal.

Moving away from it as fast as possible,

thriving to touch that wall first.

Every stroke we take,

lies a thousand weight and burden on our shoulders.

Trying our hardest,

to keep our eyes, body, mind, and muscles focused.

It’s not the easiest thing to do,

yet no swimmer ever dares to give up on that.

Every true swimmer working hard, for his goal…

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blog post about blogging

I was introduced to this thing called blogging last year.  After a while I felt that it was time for me reflect on how I felt about the whole blogging experience.

The first time I blog I was really afraid of putting my thoughts out to the online world, but then after a couple of post I began to loosen up and let my thoughts flow.  Eventually, a friend of mine told me that I flowed out too many random thoughts and how that everything was disorganized.  From then on, I began to try to consolidate my thoughts and just to focus on a specific thought, idea, or event.  If you have not started blogging yet I highly recommend you to try it because it is a great way to express your thoughts and ideas out to others.  It could even be useful to jobs.  For example, if you were starting a company, you could use blogging to promote and help make your company to become more popular through out the web.

I felt that through out all this time of blogging, my blogs were not exactly what I had intended them to be like.  What I should have done was to add more of what I enjoy doing during my free time.  For example, one of my favorite blogs was about how to draw and also when I explained how I felt about swimming.

I felt that whenever I blogged about something that I enjoy, the blog turns out to have more views then the other ones.  The one thing that I learn from blogging is that, if you are going to do anything do something that you enjoy.  Also don’t be afraid to put something out to the world.  There will always be people out there that will disagree with what you put.

Next time I blog, I will make sure that I blog about stuff that I enjoy.  I know it is common sense, but I never realized that until recently.  So future bloggers whether it is for school or for fun, make sure you talk about something that you enjoy because if you do not enjoy what you type then who will.
I found this video and I thought that I would be cool to just watch.  And yes it is about learning how to blog.

I think it would be better if there was more freedom in what we decided to write about.  I would also recommend trying to do it once a month so then that would give them more time to think about what to do.  And I believe it would be cool, if you gave like a mini assignment.  For example, the only requirement for the blog post is to post something they enjoy whether it is just a picture or a video.


In my English class, we had something like a debate on questions that we created that came from the book, All Quiet on the Western Front.  I felt that the brawl was a really interesting experience.  We were able to connect a story that does not exactly relate to us and make it into a life related question.  I contributed to the group by answering questions and typing up our questions.  I was super excited when my question was picked for the brawl.  The question that I came up with was “How can we find the solution to making guns, weapons not as dangerous to others in domestic use”.  But then my group changed it up a bit, which was pretty cool.  I am usually someone that does not like to work with other people so when we had to work with our group, it really helped me to interact with people.  This photo is the question that our group eventually ended with.


Personally, I thought our group was really special because we all contributed to the group.  There was no one that slacked off.  In addition, I learned about a lot of other cool things that we normally do not learn in a class.  For instance, I learned how to use a Twitter account on my phone.  I know it sounds lame, but if it were not for this amazing activity in class, I would have not been able to learn how to use it.  There were some post that I posted without photos by accident because I forgot to upload the photo.  Now I know that I need to remember to click on the camera icon whenever I want to upload a photo.

My group

The photo on top is a picture out my group.  She may look innocent right now, but wait until she represents she will kick the other teams’ bottom.  The guy with the red jacket came up with the awesome analogy of a run-down car with a tired student.  He is great at coming up with comparisons.

I think it would be better if each round was timed so then it would not be so awkwardly long.  That way every group would be concise and go straight to the point.  It also be better if there was a way to have two groups with completely different ideas to present against each other so then it would be more heated.IMG_3193

This activity also taught me that even though you are reading something that is about the dead past or the make believe future there is always a way to relate it to our society.


Mother’s and their kids have a strong bond. This blog shows a touching video that warms the hearts of others. I just wanted to also add that parents really do care for you. They sometimes may not seem like they understand or love you, but that is not true. If they do not love you they would have gotten rid of you since the start.


An ad has gone viral after demonstrating just how amazing the bond between mothers and their children can be. There are many stages between parents and their kids. First, you’re a brand new creature trying to figure what these much bigger things are doing and why they are kissing you and smiling at you and talking in oddly amusing voices. Then, you start remembering them as Mom and Dad, the people who give you food and keep you warm. The velcro stage is the stage of knowing exactly how much Mom and Dad care about you and never wanting to let them go for fear of losing that love. If Mom is going to the living room, you’re hot on her heels. If Dad has to pee, you agree to guard the door. (God forbid he should leave without your knowledge.) There can be tantrums and cries but you return…

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Our world

A string. A rope. Weak. Strong.  Everyone is attached something else.  Whether it is as sturdy as a rope or as loose as a string, we are all tied to something.  In the world, people are in a huge entanglement to everything that is around them.  These ropes and strings intertwine, knot up, are cut, and even coiled around the whole world.  Our world is a yarn ball that looks like a young child uncoiled the whole thing by accident and attempts to recoil the whole thing.  The whole thing is a circle.


We are all puppets.  Some people have less string attached to them then others, but it does not matter.  Everyone is controlled by something, but what?  Workers have strings attached to there boss because they boss has control over them.  But what about the boss?  Bosses are people too, which means they have strings attached to them.  The whole thing is a circle.

There are stings that are attached to balloons because then they would just float away.  But some of these balloon strings are connect to us.  These strings are what keep us above others or if we lack it, it is what makes others higher than us.  These kind of strings are like the positive influences that people get, but like balloons sometimes they slip out of our hands.  The whole thing is a circle.


If someone does not have a string attached to them that is when there is a real problem.  Someone with no where to go could lead to the person falling a part.  These people are basically useless because they have nothing to do.  They are not attached to the balloons nor are they attached to the dirt in the ground.  Imagine a person without anything to do.  The person just eats, drinks, breaths, and sleeps.  The whole thing is a circle.


The strings and ropes are things or people that we have in our life that control us.  It is kind of like something that influences use to do certain things.  The balloons in our life are the things that make us happy, but sometimes we can loose that happiness.  The string-less person is someone that is basically dead.  Someone that has no clue what to do with their life.  When a hardship comes to wash by the people without strings, those are the ones that are taken away, which could lead to forever slumber.  The whole thing is a circle.

The choice is yours

This week I wanted to do something with my life.  I realized that I am so used to following people.  I sat at my desk one afternoon.  I stared at my desk and thought: I need to do something to please me.  I need to find something that I enjoy.

“Be Drunk,” stated Charles Baudelaire.

Like every teenager I went on Facebook looked around and then I accidentally clicked on my profile page.  I was already on the page so I might as well look around to recall my past memories.  The sweet memory of me being able to paint cause a little voice in me to say, “Let’s paint.”  So I did.

I began by grabbing my paint box which is underneath me dusty desk with random silvery bugs scurrying away.  I still need to find my other stuff.  I ran around our junk yard house and found my palette knife.

The painting part was really fun but the thing that I really wanted to talk about is that everyone should find something the enjoy doing a lot.  Even if a person is not good at something they should still do because if they continue to work on  it they may one day become really good at it.  Sometimes, hard work does beat talent.

The point is that everyone should have a hobby and if they do not they should find one before it is too late.  I realized that as I got older I became busier and I would not be able to have time to do the things I love.  Sometimes we need to save some time for the things  that we enjoy doing otherwise we will not be able to be very happy in life.

Just keep swimming

With my heart pounding, the water splashed behind me.  I was swimming breast stroke when I began to feel the tension between me and the swimmer.  I could imagine him in my head creeping up slowly behind me and then taking that super stroke to get in front of me.  But there is no way I could give in and let him take my spot.  There was no way that I was going to be the last swimmer to touch the wall.  My mind calmed me in an optimistic voice, “You only have to finish this 25 meter and then a 50 of freestyle.”  I had already been sprinting the whole time but somehow found a random storage of energy.  So I did what every racer would do.  I unleashed it.

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This container was made in a factory in Vietnam.  The bright blue canvas was formed like a loaf of small baguette, but as you move from one side to another, the canvas slowly elevated forming a hill that was at the degree of a door stopper (the one’s that go on the floor).  It reminds me of the time when I was with my family at the beach.  My brother and I were running up the slightly slanted shore  The wet sand felt muddly on our bare feet as we ran around the shore.  Speaking of running at the beach, sometimes my brother and I build sandcastles.  We usually build something that looks more like a sand kingdom.  One of us builds a hilly wall, while another digs a deep damp trench for the salty water to flow through and out.  We worked at the pace of the waves crashing against the sand.  Then we started to build little houses insides the protection of the city.  The various shells were scattered around the city to make it appear busy.


The item was covered with a rubber bottom that traveled up to about an inch height.  At the top of the white slightly dirty rubber, there was a black line that separated the canvas from the rubber.  I believe that it kind of symbolized the fact that most people were so use to being in their comfort zone.  The dividing line created a limit to the comfort zone.  I used to be so worried about passing my comfort zone, but now I am constantly pushing the line up toward the blue canvas.


On the slanted blue canvas, there are holes that travel symmetrically up to the top where there is a large hole waiting like a hungry beast.  If someone connects the dots horizontally they form lines that look like a ladder.  It almost seem like each step is a step to maturity.  Every time we complete a stage in our life we get to take a step on the ladder.  The final stage which is the last is where the monster is also there waiting for us.  Sometimes some people get pick off by the monster while there are attempting to climb the stairs.


Now the overall container.  It is a home for your souls.  It will keep them warm.  The back looked like a ship that was sailing through the rough stormy sea.  The front is round and smooth like a bumper car.


Can you guess what am I?


As a young child, David despised everything.  Whenever he had breakfast, he would tell his parents that he hates the meal that his mother had provided for him.  There was another problem, he was spoiled.  So morning, when David complained about his meal, his mother would have to quickly batch up something, otherwise he would be late to school.

David pretty much has been to every school in the area.  Everytime, he was put in a new school, he would pick at every little idiosyncrasy whether it was the fact that he did not like the way the classroom was structure or the way a teacher wrote on the board.  Then his parents would swoop in a take him to another school and then the cycle would repeat.

Then one day everything changed.  It was on a Saturday night when the police came and told him that his parents had got into a car accident.  He had no family members that wanted to take him in.  He was placed in a foster home.  He attended a new school.  Eventually, David learn to adapted to the new changes otherwise he would not have been able to find happiness in his life.


Happiness could be found in two different ways.  Natural happiness which is the kind when you get what you want.  And then there is synthetic happiness which is when someone does not want something to happen and eventually the person finds a way to be okay with it.


Sometimes in our life we get what we want like for that person’s birthday he got the video game that he wanted or she gets the dress that she has been talking about for the past three months.  But most of the time, the happiness does not stay for a long time.  Eventually, the boy will complete all the levels in the game or the girl may find another newer dress online.


For me, a couple years ago I really wanted a xbox, but when I got it I only play with it for about a week or so and then I got tired of it.  Now it sits on top on our entertainment set and we rarely use it.  Most people believe that natural happiness does not last as long as we expect it to.  While synthetic happiness tends to last longer.  This could be because someone has to learn how to enjoy it and when that person learns to enjoy it, it last longer.

Now that you know the two types of happiness, which type do you use more often?

How to draw…(part 2)

This is a continuation for last week’s blog.  It was the time before dinner,  the fresh scent of salmon that my mom was cooking for dinner wafted into my nose.  My brother was obnoxiously playing the piano.  (Not quite sure if it is on purpose or not.  By the way he does not sound like that youtube video.)  There were some parts that were too fast and some parts that were too slow.  It created a constant alternation between tempos.  In the meantime, I was sitting in front of my computer deciding what to write.  Then I saw in the corner of my eye. The picture, drawn from last week, sitting on my table innocently.  The drawing looked so empty and silent.  In conclusion, I will color in the drawing to make it appear three dimensional.


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